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Callback URL and Slydepay Callback Response

Setting a callback URL helps Slydepay  send responses on transaction statuses to your online platform. Without the callback URL, your platform is not updated and hence all the transactions processed on your account will remain PENDING.

Your callback URL should be able to confirm or cancel transactions based on the feedback Slydepay sends to  your system.

The response from Slydepay will have the following format:

i.e. the params returned will include:

status -> The status of the payment

0: successful

-1: technical error

-2: customer cancelled payment request

transac_id -> The transaction id generated on Slydepay for the successful payment

cust_ref -> The original payment reference passed to Slydepay by your system when generating the token

pay_token -> The payment token that was used in the redirect to Slydepay

Any other extra parameters that were passed to Slydepay when redirecting the customer. Those parameters will be returned to you with the callback

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