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Billbox is Value Added Service that makes bill payments and collections simple and convenient for you and your customers.

The core of our service focuses mainly on you as a Biller, additionally providing features that allow your customers the fleixibility to make bill payments at their convenience.

The objective of Billbox is to provide a central location for collections where you as a Biller can receive payments or monitor payments at various convenient customer pay points.

Billbox as a service provides management interfaces for its core users to appreciate and understand the value Billbox offers. The Biller management interface also acquaints its users with the core features and functionalities that pertain to the user's context.

Your Operation With Billbox

- Real time cashless management

- More convenient for customers

- Online payment platform

- Comes with analytics


- Get access to your free cashless payment platform

- Billbox provides a central location for collections where payments are received

- Know when your customers paid for their bills in real time

- Implement a cashless solution to your business to limit cash related issues

Settlement with Your Bank(s)

Billbox provides a seamless ubiquitous payment. Your clients would be able to transact with any 3rd party bank without requiring your holding of an account with the said bank.

Security and Integration

Billbox guarantees International Security Standards It provides efficient measures to protect data integrity and prevent unauthorized system access by providing the following:

- Encryption

- Restriction of System access to authorized users

- Data inaccessible by third parties

- Full audit trail

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