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Using Billbox as a Teller

A Billbox teller as the rights to accept and process payments for a service.

To login, go to in your browser and login with your username and password:

The dashboard shows all the services you as a teller are allowed to collect payments for. To view allowed services, click on PAYMENTS in the navigation menu.

To collect payments for a particular service, look through the list of billing services and select the service. We will use JamRock in this example:

Here, you are required to 

- enter the customer's reference (this could be a number, ID or name depending on the requirements of the service).

- enter the amount to be paid, and then the  payment mode (cash)

- enter a description (should be able to tell the details of the payment)

- enter the name of the person paying and their phone number

- click Pay to start processing the transaction

After entering the details, you will be required to confirm that the details entered are correct in this dialogue box:

If you are certain of the details, click CONFIRM to complete the payment.

View transactions

To view transactions, click on HISTORY in the nav menu and select PAYMENTS in the dropdown:

From this view you can 

- filter by date

- search for a particular transaction

- download reports

Choose files or drag and drop files
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