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Knowledgebase : Payments [Slydepay]

Yes, you can. Just visit the Slydepay login page [] and enter your iWallet account details to login. All of your money was carried over intact to Slydepay.
Slydepay is compliant with the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards(PCI-DSS), the industry watchdog on payment cards. Whenever you access Slydepay from the mobile app or web browser, you do so over a secured connection. Your data is also encrypt...
Don't worry, we got you covered! Just click on "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" at the bottom of the login page [] and provide your email address. We will send you a URL via email to reset your password.
After you have successfully verified your card, Slydepay will credit your account with both amounts debited.
A speedbanking voucher, is a money voucher that you can use to add money to your Slydepay account. You can get a voucher from First Capital Plus. To use, all you have to do is scratch the card and enter the digits under Add Funds -> 'Speed Banking' at abs...
ADB A/C Name: DreamOval Limited A/C Number: 1161010086277501 Branch: ADB House GT BANK A/C Name: DreamOval Limited A/C Number: 204101228110 Branch: Osu FIDELITY BANK A/C Name: DreamOval Limited A/C Number: 1050007788220 Branch: Ridge...
Once you verify your card, you prove to us that you are the owner of the card. Unfortunately if you do not verify your card, you cannot add money to your account via Visa.
You should add your card as this makes your experience safer: no one can steal your card for illegal transactions.